Swedish Massage

When most people think of a massage, what comes to mind is a Swedish massage. This classic favorite includes light to medium pressure to relieve stress, help boost immunization, reduce pain, and improve relaxation. If you have been carrying the stress of your day in your shoulders or back, allow us to help you melt that away.

At its core, Swedish massage involves rubbing the muscles with long strokes in the direction of blood returning to the heart. While improving your relaxation, this method can also increase the levels of oxygen in the blood while decreasing muscle toxins and encouraging flexibility. If you are curious about Swedish massage and our exact practices, get in touch with our team.

With five years of massage experience on our side, we have the proper training, technique, tools, and passion necessary to offer you a deeper, more relaxing massage experience. Palm Spa is a licensed, accredited professional massage parlor with MBLX certification. We believe in offering our services at affordable prices so everyone can enjoy the feeling of an indulgent massage. Contact our team today to schedule your Swedish massage with one of our professionals.

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