Palm Massage Spa are offering CBD oil in our massage services. Before make your selection you need to know


CBD is relatively new and less is known about its benefits.  Many people think that CBD is just a part that has been extracted from the marijuana plant and thereby isn’t as potent.  CBD and THC are very similar compounds but each have very different effects on our bodies.  First and foremost THC is a psychotropic substance that makes its users get high.  CBD does not make its users get high or contain psychotropic compounds.

IS CBD Legal?

There are two types of marijuana from a legal standpoint:

  • Without THC aka Industrial hemp – This is a special type of marijuana plant that is bred to have minimal psychotropic compounds like THC.  It has been used for many hemp based products, such as cloth, paper, rope, hemp seed oil, etc..  The legal limit of THC in these products is .3%.
  • With THC aka marijuana – This is a plant bred to contain high percentages of cannabinoids and more specifically THC.  This will make you high and there are different sanctions in each state for possession, operating vehicles, consumption and sales.

The CBD massage oil we use are THC FREE, so you don’t have to worry about the legality.


  • Calms inflammation
  • Soothes anxiety
  • Reduces chronic pain
  • Melts tension

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